Softwood Shortages

Softwood shortages continue (Timber Trade Journal)

Les Burrow11/3/21

The UK softwood market took off as soon as the New Year began, with importers chasing shipments while the sawmills were still trying to cope with a real winter, the likes of which had not been seen for many years. Temperatures to the eastern parts of Europe were hitting -30°C,...

Timber Shortage Hit Hard - 11 Dec 2020

Les Burrow16/2/21

A report from the Timber Trade Journal explains how the industry is suffering from the shortage of timber. This additionally increases costs, not only to Raw Timber, but right down the line and includind Cardboard and paper etc. The sharp increase in consumption has put pressure on the softwood supply...

Softwood Timber (Timber Trade Journal)

Les Burrow 6/2/20

Softwood timber mills reporting shortages