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DTG or Direct to Garment Printing, is a method of digitally printing an image directly onto cotton or other fabric type textiles. Cotton based shirts, caps, bags, pillow cases, home furnishings and promotional items are only a few products capable of accepting specialised DTG inkjet technology.

DTG inkjet garment printing is more economical, faster, and cleaner than traditional screen printing methods, plus it requires significantly less operating space and business start-up costs. Decorators and t-shirt designers can create one of a kind masterpieces or mass production runs - regardless of the number of colours - without having to create film positives, stretching screens, and using chemicals to reclaim screens.

Pairing a DTG solution with a pre-treatment machine is recommended to improve productivity and ensure consistent pre-treatment of dark textiles. However, our DTG equipment is available with white ink to add additional impact to dark colours. Printers running higher volumes with multiple machines should also consider investing in a tunnel dryer to improve curing productivity and result in a softer handle of the print.