EternaCryl Liquid Lamination

Using nano-particles and the latest nano-tech resin technology, EternaCryl liquid lamination ensures any fine art inkjet project will be protected.

Self-levelling for ease of application.

Fast drying - tough dry in 10 to 15 minutes.

100% clarity and 100% UV approved anti-fade inhibitors to enhance and extend the life of your prints.

Full flexibility for gallery wraps.

Self sealing for optimum clarity and performance.

Suitable for all water resistant products.

Formulated for spray (HVLP), roller coat, fine brush or squeegee sponge applications. Recommended for use with the Giclee E550 and E670 Spray Systems pictured below for a fast and professional application.

(recent increases in raw matrials has forced us to increase our prices.  If buying in bulk we can offer discounts)