Canvas Spray Application System E670

The E670 Spray System is designed for professionals and is fitted with a 350W efficient taper fan motor supplying the spray gun with a constant airflow. This technique allows the sprayed lamination to be distributed evenly despite varying viscosities, giving a fast professional finish with no brush marks. Ideal for use in the home, garden, workshop, and for model and craft making.

This model includes one storage pod and carry handle for easy portability

  • Saves hours and easy to use
  • Extremely easy cleaning thanks to the gun being easy to dismantle
  • For use all around the home, garden and workshop
  • Gives a fast, professional finish with no brushmarks
  • As well as Giclee prints, this system can be used for spraying cars, iron work, sheds & fences, decking, furniture, pots, arts & crafts
  • 1.8 metre hose
  • Mains cable
  • Can spray a wide variety of materials
  • Sprays as fine as 1 inch/2.5cm
  • Fitted with variable output control and 3 spray patterns (vertical, horizontal and round jets).

Technical Specification

  • 0.8l capacity
  • 350 watt efficient taper fan motor
  • Kit includes: turbine motor,one on board storage pod, on board hose and mains lead, carry handle, 0.8l spray gun, viscosity cup
  • capable of 5 square meters in approx 5 - 6 minutes

Hints and Tips

  • Preparation is essential - remember to mask around the areas you are not spraying
  • Allow time for drying between coats
  • Fine mists will generally dry faster than heavier coats. This will allow you to build up coats faster and there is less likelihood of running
  • Make sure interior rooms are well ventilated when you are spraying and when lamination is drying
  • Use a spray mask at all times
Machine is Guaranteed for 2 years and a full selection of spare parts are available

High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spraying uses a turbine motor to feed a high volume of air through a spray gun at very low pressure. This gives you greater control of the spray and makes it much easier to achieve a high quality finish with very little experience.