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We have a large range of digital print media ranging from coated papers, fine art papers, canvas and other material for large format printing.

Paper surface finish: Luster (also known as “lustre” or “semi-gloss”) Paper
– Luster papers show great color but may not appear as bright as glossy paper.
– Ink dries quickly on luster papers.
– Surface texture is subtle and in-between matte finish and glossy finish look.
– Image is easier to view from different angles, offering less reflections from light.
– Printed images or those framed behind glass on luster paper shows less glare.
– Shows the printed image or photograph better from all angles.
– Luster paper is more resistant to fading over time.
– If your prints will be handled, manipulated or touched, luster paper is best.
– Luster paper hides scratches and scuffs best.
– Preferred most by our event photographers, for weddings, quinceañeras, and family portraits.
– Generally, luster papers are considered as the best quality for the best price.

Paper surface finish: Matte Paper
– Matte papers show a silky, fine, soft, smooth look for colors and design in printing.
– Absorbs more ink which also gives a fine and soft look.
– Surface texture offers more of a flat look in its finish.
– Image can be seen at all angles without glare or light reflections.
– Matte paper prints produce some of the longest lasting and most pleasing looking prints.
– Withstands handling and does not show fingerprints.
– Makes for great handouts and brochures.
– Preferred by our industrial and business professionals for printing.

Paper surface finish: Glossy Paper
– Glossy papers show bright, sharp details and colors offering eye-catching prints.
– Inks show vibrantly but dry slower than on luster or matte papers.
– Surface texture can feel and look like glass.
– Printed images on glossy paper can show more glare depending on angles, light and reflections.
– Glossy papers show fingerprints and scratches more easily than other papers.
– Full color photos can appear more realistic.
– Great for outdoor or nature photographers and used by many for wedding photos, portraits, forensic photography and for school pictures.