Picture Framing Mitre Guillotine - SMM or VMM

Professional Mitre Guillotine for Picture Framers.

  • Foot Operated
  • Cut Large Frames in Small Bites
  • Cast Iron Table
  • Cast Iron Extension Bed
  • 1500mm Measuring System
  • Left Hand Extension Table Included
  • Stationary Rebate Supports Included

Guillotines give a quality of finish that cannot be matched by a circular sawblade.
The cutting head slides forwards so that large mouldings can be cut in several smaller bites. The 2 knives are mounted at 90 degrees to each other so that 2 mitres are cut at the same time. Our premium quality knives, fitted as standard are the hardest available anywhere. The rebate supports ensure that delicate rebates are not damaged during the cut and once set they remain stationary, even when moving the cutting head. The main table and right hand extension are both cast iron for maximum durability. The fences can be adjusted for cutting 4, 6 or 8 sided frames.

Supplied with hardened tip knives, left hand extension table, stationary rebate supports, measuring system, pedal lock, waste shavings chute and collection bag, right hand extension table.

There are two models available VMM and SMM, only the measuring systems are different.
VMM - vernier measuring system
SMM - sliding measuring system
Both have left hand extension.

SMM This model is preferred by some picture framers as the measuring system is quicker to use. The table top is marked with lines running at 45 degrees and a scale so that no measuring of the rebate width is needed before you make the cut. The cast iron table is longer on this model to accommodate the full 1500mm cutting length. 


Maximum Cutting Width 100mm (4")
Maximum Cutting Height 160mm (6")
Maximum Length of measurement 1500mm
Fences adjustable from 90 to 45 degrees
Dimensions WxDxH 2910mm x 600mm x 1100mm
Weight 130 Kg
Warranty 1 Year


Spare Blades available for both machines