Stretcher Bars for Canvas

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Canvas Stretcher Bars are specially designed to prevent cracking of canvas wrapped on them.

Our stretcher bars are manufactured in the UK and are 100% guaranteed.  All our bars are "fresh" and manufactured to order only.  We do not hold stocks, therefore there may be a day or two delay in despatching them. This depends on quantity

We have noticed that some of our competitors have started to call their range of stretcher bars "UK bars", to fool you.  Ours are true UK bars and are actually manufactured here in Lincolnshire. 

Bars are carefully kiln dried and bars that are dried lower than 8% are susceptible to cracking because they are too dry and very brittle.  Bars not dried well enough, like over 12% are too wet and can cause warping and seeping through the canvas.  Therefore our bars are always dried to around 10% which allows for a perfect balance of kiln dried product.

Stretcher bars are made from timber, therefore shape and colour may differ over a period of time. 

Why buy your stretcher bars from someone who sells every single product under the sun ?. Buying from a specialist gives you the assurance that they know what they are talking about.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, timber prices are very volatile.  Prices on the web may change without notice.
Bulk buyer are requested to contact sales for latest pricing.