AutoFrame - canvas stretcher bar assembly machine

The ORIGINAL Canvas Stretcher bar assembly machine / AutoFrame machine was developed in as early as March / April 2021 by Eternamedia.  It was built as a result of enquiries for completed frames, from a customer.

All development and improvements to this machine have originated as a result of ongoing tests by Eternamedia.  With each new development, we are improving the production rate as well as reducing the prices.

With more and more customers purchasing this machine, we are able to reduce the costs and will be announcing an upgrade very soon. 

The machine will soon come in different configurations:-
1) As a kit for those who want to save some money and transport costs. (in future)
2) As a fully assembled machine complete with training. (present configuration), or,
3) As a rental unit to get around those busy periods.

The quick easy AutoFrame machine takes all the effort out of frame assembly by doing the "heavy"work for you.
Capable of assembling frames from 200mm x 200mm up to 1000mm x 1000mm in any combination, with a very quick size change facility. Changing size will take no longer than 1 minute.  The reason for the existing limit of 1000mm frame is because here at Eternamedia, we recommend that frames over 1mt should include a cross brace.

To operate, Insert the bars you want to join and press the button, the machine does the rest for you.

A video of the operation can be seen at and also

The AutoFrame is capable of assembling up to 200 frames per hour (depending on size).  

 Machine is supplied with a quick guide to operation and once plugged into an air supply can be operational within 5 minutes.  Machine footprint is 1400mm x 1400mm.

Made in Britain

Fully CE / UKCA certified.