UV (Ultra Violet) / DTG (Direct to Garment) Printers

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UV (Ultra Violet) / DTG (Direct to Garment) Printers are the latest and most up to date versions of printing technology.

No longer, do you have to worry about heat transfer dye sublimation products.  You can now print directly onto ANY substrate with ease.

LED UV printers use a light-emitting diode to produce the UV light, the UV inks are quick / instant drying when exposed to UV light, we call this UV light curing. UV printing has an advantage as it is less volatile because of organic compounds and has no smell.

No matter what the shape is, regular or irregular, and it can be coated or uncoated, UV printing can be printed directly onto the material. Rigid pvc board, plastic, organic board, leather, rubber, special paper, glass, wood, bamboo, porcelain, textile, abs, acrylic, crystal, metal panel, ceramic tile, marble, granite, paperboard etc. are no problems at all.