Acrylic Enamel Paint

These acrylic enamel paints have been specially developed for easy use as they are non-hazardous and low odour
They are suitable for interior and exterior use, in fact, anywhere a traditional solvent based enamel was used. These tough, durable enamels are available in a large range of intermixable colours which can be used on plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, card and porcelain. Safe for children's toys. Suitable for brush or airbrush application.

(Any colours shown are representations and should be used as guidance only. Colours when applied will vary according to the material they are used on.)

Ideal for
• plastic • metal • wood • glass • interior use • exterior use, or for embellishing prints and picture frames

unique qualities
• intermixable • easy to apply • water wash up • water based • low odour • fast drying