High Heat Briquettes.  Manufactured from 100% timber waste, not additives or other waste material included.  The sawdust / shavings from our stretcher bars are compressed into briquettes approximately 40mm long and 50mm diameter.  This makes them easy to handle and ideal for heaters, stoves, ovens, or BBQs.

The Briquette burns away to "nothing" leaving little or no ash.  Very clean burning.

Briquettes are put into "1 Ton" bags and are sold by the bag. (weights and sizes may differ). Bags may contain some sawdust from broken briquettes.

Please keep briquettes dry and free from moisture during storage.

Briquettes are produced as a by-product to our manufacturing process, but due to demand, these are only available when listed.

Sold - BriqBag, Pallet 1 (1 bag per pallet), Pallet 2 (2 bags per pallet). The smaller BriqBags are not recommended for delivery if sold individually as they are prone to breaking up in transit.