Chalk paint Maker / Waxer

Turns any matt emulsion into chalk paint

Finish with polyvine chalk paint waxer
This unique formulation turns any emulsion paint into a chalk paint when mixed together, to create a velvety smooth, chalky finish. Varnished or painted surfaces rarely needs priming, making furniture renovation simple.

ideal for
• vintage look • upcycling furniture • distressing • shabby chic • wood • stone • ceramic • primed metal • primed matt plastic

unique qualities
• velvet smooth • dead flat finish • rarely requires any surface preparation • works over old painted or varnished surfaces • covers in one coat • low odour • brushes and tools wash in water

Chalk paint waxer - dead flat or satin finish

Brush on wax finish varnish that works on all makes of chalk paint
This unique brush on wax finish varnish maintains the velvet smooth, chalky finish of your paint, whilst protecting it from scuffing and moisture. The dead flat finish maintains the look and feel of the chalky paint while the satin finish can be buffed to a traditional silky feel of wax.

ideal for
• vintage look furniture• upcycled furniture • distressing • shabby chic

unique qualities
• velvet smooth • traditional silky feel of wax • protects against scuffing • prevents water damage • low odour • brushes and tools wash in water