Cross Braces (see description)

It is important that you select Size, Profile & Style of cross bar

We recommend cross braces for any frame over one metre in length to add extra stability. The A&B braces are recommended for square frames with both sides over a metre long, and the single C brace is most effective for rectangular frames where one side is less than a metre long.

All cross braces are manufactured from the same profile as our 18x44mm Probar. The bars will be approx 15mm thick and 44mm wide. The bars will be slotted for the cross brace to fit. The Exhibition profile is the only bar with a recess which the cross brace can sit on without the need for the bar to be slotted.

Please call: 01476 570 520 or email: if you would like any advice and we will be happy to help.

Cross Brace - A

With a 44mm centre cut out and end lips to the top of the bar the A brace fits the recess or designated slot in the frame. This is fitted prior to the B brace being fitted.

The A and B cross braces are recommended for frames over 1 metre, especially with narrow profiles.

Cross Brace - B

The 44mm centre cut out is at the bottom of the bar to fit neatly over the A cross brace. The end lips remain at the top of the bar to fit the recess or slot in the frame.

Cross Brace - C

The C brace is a single support brace without a centre cut out.

The C brace is recommended to fit along the short side of rectangular frames to ensure the canvas remains tight.