Hammer Mill CF420 with cyclone

The CF420 Electric Hammer Mill

This CF420 electric Hammer Mill is used for crushing small diameter raw materials, which are no more than 50mm such as wood, corn straw, grain, tree branches, and bamboo and so on. After crushing, the diameter of the final products could be 3-5mm which is the optimal size for pelleting or briquetting. Featured with convenient operation and high efficiency, this electric hammer mill is the first choice for a small business looking to produce biomass material

Typical Applications of Wood Hammer Mill

Wood hammer mill is popular with many industries and we recommend it as well if you are considering biomass industry investment. Biomass fuel takes wood chips, wood sawdust, peanut stalks, corn straws and so on as materials and wood hammer mill can crush these materials into 3mm-5mm wood materials for pellet mill use.
▶ Wood Pellet production
▶ Feed Pellet production
▶ Wood Briquette production

Please follow this link to see a similar machine in action.Hammer mill

This machine is new and has only been assembled to test direction of motor.  We initially purchased it to break down our waste to produce briquettes, but our exiting machine does this automatically.