Diameter dies 200 mm, diameter pellet 6mm and 8mm dies

We initially purchased this machine to produce pellets, but as soon as it was built and we started to to "run it in", we purchased a briquetter machine which gets rid of our waste quicker.

The machine has NEVER been used in anger and has only been switched on to identify the direction of the motor turning, it is still new and has not even produced a bag of pellets.

With this Pellet mill you are able to make your own pellets, pellets can be made from different kind of material and each for it’s own purpose. You can make pellets from sawdust, wood shavings, hay, grass, straw, nut shells, paper and so on.

With this pellet press you can pelletizing different kind of biomass material and use in your pellet stove.

Also you can make animal or fish food

Engine/Motor 7.5 kW, 3 phases, with overload protection

Capacity max. 250 kg/hr (depends on material)

Dies 6mm and 8mm

Weight approx 200 kg, measurements LxBxH 112x45x115 cm

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